Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cindy's Batik Arrowhead Quilt

Cindy's lovely quilt for her younger DGD, I think the young lady will love it, after all she chose the colorway herself. It is elegant but not too much so for a younger person.
It came off the LA yesterday and I got it bound by bedtime and in hindsight probably could have waited to bind until daylight, black is always harder to sew on at night. Working with black thread that matched the border and binding so well was a bit of a challenge especially when my DSM chose to make funky stitches which required some machine adjustments and of course resewing the offending stitching!
The quilting thread is a beautiful variegated pink King Tut by Superior Threads. IMO this company makes the very best quilting threads available and they provide a huge assortment of every type and color- I use their threads for most of my quilting, the dependability and customer service is outstanding.
I am pleased that I changed my mind about custom quilting this one block by block, the quilting gets lost even using a lighter variegated thread and the floral/leafy Edge to Edge freehand is a much better choice.
See how the black binding thread disappears into the fabric, it's Superior's Bottom Line a nice result but hard on the eyes especially at night! The backing is a gorgeous batik and I am sorry but I do not remember where Cindy found it!


gramma2many said...

beautiful :)

LynCC said...

Very pretty. Perfect quilting choice, too. Love the look of that thread.