Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve Sewing

Yesterday Jacki, BJ and I sewed and "Skype- sewed" with Andee and Kathy as we all worked on the NYE Mystery.
Checking in via Skype.
BJ making progress.........
a completed block for Jacki..........
and mine!
Four laid together showing the secondary pattern, not yet pressed though.
This evening I hope to complete my blocks and get them together into a top. 
There's a "Modern Mystery" over at Planet Patchwork by Merry Mayhem, I want to check that one out too! They are using black/grey/ cream/neutrals and it looks like it might be interesting. I need one more project.......not!


Andee said...

I love the way your mystery is coming along! I printed the clues for Merry Mayhem...would love to do that one too...Bonnie's is calling me but I am at work for the day! Happy Sewing!

farmlady said...

Happy New Year Ros,
Don't know much about Skype, but I love the idea of being about to see and talk to someone in real time.
Looking forward to seeing the "mystery" completed.