Saturday, January 19, 2013

Merry Mayhem Modern Mystery [MMMM]

Having already cut the pieces for this quilt it was too tempting and I got started piecing it last night. Warning: the cutting directions are not wonderful, you definitely should not be multi tasking when you tackle it, turn off the TV and just do this one thing!
These are just a few of the stacks I cut and labeled in detail so that there would be no confusion when it came time to sew it all together. As it turned out I was happy that I took this extra precaution.
These are the first blocks I put together...............
then these.
As you can see there isn't a lot of contrast between some of the fabrics so you really have to watch what you are doing and of course, no multitasking! It is in fact a very simple quilt, these four blocks, two different sashings and two sets of cornerstones- it will go together fast as long as you check and double check each step.
The directions for this mystery are also less than stellar towards the end, a few other quilters have mentioned their confusion over construction so it was not just me! However, if you go by the pictures and match up their fabrics with whatever fabrics you have chosen, it is doable. I was very careful to mark each of my fabrics as I cut them so I would know which was which! Then you must pay close attention to the final construction or the woven effect of the subtle color variation will not be there.
Here is a mock up of my blocks, there are just six of them for this sized quilt. The blocks are identical but are rotated to give the 3D effect.
Below you can see how the finished quilt makes up.

The fabrics and blocks for MMMM will pack up and go with me to Colorado for the week and it should all be put together while I am there.
This morning I met up with BJ, Jacki, Andee and Kathy over at the 35th Ave store to pick up our packets for the first month of the beautiful BOM to which we have committed.

 I am doing the smaller size and must cut and sew lots of tiny [1.25"] squares, can you tell these will be really tiny once sewn into the quilt? I must not have paid attention though when I signed up because they have a gorgeous Amish looking version with a black background. 
This is the first month block in black, it's going to be smashing and I have decided to substitute the black for the white so now I need to purchase 4 yds of a nice Kona or other black fabric.  I will check at the website for and see what they have in black on black or Kona or Michael Miller solid black.

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Heather said...

I followed the mystery quilt on New Years Day, but decided not to sew. It is a lovely specially that pebble fabric. The BOM is going to be gorgeous. Will be looking forward to future blocks.