Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Civil War Quilt at 9,000ft.

We arrived up at the Colorado house last evening after the 9 hour drive from Phoenix and a stop at Colorado Boy Brewery for beer and a delicious pizza.
After unpacking the groceries I actually sat in front of the TV watching "Cold Case"and checking email, I can't remember when I last sat and watched TV, LOL.
It's quite balmy up here today, around mid 40's F, so we will likely take a wander around after lunch, maybe visit our neighbors in that next cabin along the ridge.
Trying to get some pics of the CW quilt that I took off the longarm machine around midnight Thursday.
It is ready to bind but there are lots of thread tails that need to be "buried" yet. This is the view looking to the south with Corbett's Peak and Whitehouse mountains, 12-13,000+ ft high. It looks a little hazy but you can see there's some new snow up there.
Shows the back of the quilt and the feather quilting.
A little snow on the ground around the house but it isn't sticking long, too early yet in the season.
With the sun behind me this photo turned out better, view to the south.
Close up of the quilting detail.
This quilt is to go on the couch downstairs in Phoenix, it's the perfect color scheme!


LynCC said...

oooo It turned out so pretty :D Enjoy your mountain time!

Reddirt Woman said...

That quilt is beautiful. It looks big enough for a king size bed. The colors actually make it look of the Civil War era. Awesome quilt.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a peaceful and loving Christmas.