Saturday, November 10, 2012

Small Steps

Yesterday I was quite stir crazy and bored to distraction so I got out of bed long enough to get the kit for the cute table runner below, plus my smallest rotary cutter, ruler and cutting board! Along with the mandatory scissors and pins that any sewing project demands.
Then I slid back into bed and set up the tools on a tray in front of me and cut out the pieces for the runner. My hope is to get it sewn together and quilted before my back surgery 28th. so I can have it done for Christmas. It's quite a large runner, 15"x57" so it won't be lost on our almost nine foot long granite island. With such a large expanse it's necessary to use larger decorative items or it looks rather cluttered and silly!
This morning my young friend Samantha came over and we worked on getting her started quilting her first quilt on her little old Singer machine-well, not sure just how old but old enough not to be made in China! And it really is a nice quiet, smooth working machine, I am impressed with how well it sews and how many adjustments are possible even for the presser foot which is very helpful when sewing on two layers of fabric with batting in between!
I think BJ found it for her at a yard sale for maybe $15, it was a bargain, comes with all the attachments and in good working order. I forgot to take pics, but next time she's over I will, for my first day out of bed at all I was lucky to remember anything!
After she left I went back to lay down for a couple of hours, then managed to sit at the machine long enough to finish the binding on this vintage hand applique quilt, yeah, such a sense of accomplishment, it seems rather small in comparison with my usual productivity!
And the green binding matches the vintage green in the blocks, another yeah!


Andee said...

So glad you are getting in a bit of sewing and some company...take it easy though!

* said...

Oh, I love the table runner you are making. It will be so festive.

Roslyn said...

Oh I think so, it's unusual, not the normal Christmassy design & bright & colorful!
I will be post op from my back surgery so I don't know how much Christmas prep there will be the runner may be it LOL.