Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sixty Arrowhead Blocks.

Here are the remaining Arrowhead blocks, all 60 now completed today when Meredith came to sew with me. BJ is still getting over the upper resp. thing she caught from someone on the plane returning from Minnesota! Maybe we all need to wear masks when we fly!
Linda's quilt came off the LA this evening, and I will mail it back to her next week. It's a beautiful quilt, the Art Color thread from Superior was just the right shade. As you can see it's quite large and I had a difficult time trying to photograph the entire quilt straight on, the furniture was in the way.
Leafy wreaths in the blocks.
The borders.
The backing is a Moda marble in a dark blue, the true color is nicer than this I will try to get a pic in daylight.
Using iPhoto this was enhanced to try and get the color right but now it's too bright, LOL. It is a dark blue marbled, somewhere in between the two above!


LynCC said...

The Arrowhead blocks and Linda's quilt are both so gorgeous. :D

Cheryl Willis said...

Both quilts are beautiful.
When we flew to Japan our daughter told us the people wearing masks were the ones that were sick, the mask was to protect others form catching what they have. I wonder if now if everyone just wears them to be safe?

Andee said...

I gotta get back to my Arrowhead blocks...I have lots to go..yours are looking GREAT! Has BJ started hers? Hope she is feeling better soon...I miss you guys!