Sunday, July 29, 2012

More On The Dresden Plates

Sewing yesterday at Meredith's with BJ we were all quite productive! I was able to construct this little case for my iPod which sometimes falls out of my pocket and I am very much afraid it will eventually break. Since it is in use almost daily for audiobooks it would be sorely missed, it's great company while quilting or sewing, at the gym or performing the many prosaic household chores.
In the absence of a pattern it was all trial and error!
Meredith makes a lot of small wallets and totes and she had a couple of helpful ideas, so at her suggestion I used metal tape measure strips cut to fit for a "snap" closure - you will find a tut here for this snap closure technique. The pleated pocket that stores the earbuds and cord has velcro to secure it, left over scraps of Dream Green batting provide just the right padding and it all works nicely.
 If I made another I would be likely to attach some sort of snap to secure it to a belt loop, and a couple of small triangular tabs below the "snap" closure to make pulling it open a little easier.
The same day two quilts also got their bindings sewn to the front, I still need to turn the bindings  and stitch to the back-another day!
The other project this weekend was completion of the Dresden Plate blocks for Craftsy's BOM, the next block comes out Wednesday so I wanted to have these finished. I am pleased, they look like very cheerful batik sunflowers.The first four I made turned out about two inches too big, they would need to be trimmed for this quilt so they will be set aside for another day, another quilt [unless they are incorporated into the backings].


Linda said...

What a clever idea for your iPod! I am definitely going to check out that tutorial! I love it! You do such beautiful work - I am in awe! Have a great day!

Reddirt Woman said...

Sounds like a fun day... Being with friends and creating something new! I don't have an IPod but if I did, I'd be all over the tutorial for this. Having the choices of different fabrics might call for several different ones to mix it up a bit. I love your Dresden plates and they do look like sunflowers.

Thank you for sharing your small projects as well as your larger ones.