Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Scrap "Twofer" Quilt

Sometimes you just get lucky-or something! The quilt top from a kit that I finished last week had lots of fabric left, but insufficient really for the backing without a lot of fussy math, so I decided to make a second quilt from the orphan blocks and assorted extra fabrics - if you scroll down a couple of posts you will see it, it looks like a cousin to this one. I had around 145 x 4" HST's [half square triangles] harvested from the original quilt construction so they became pinwheel blocks alternating with squares of the other fabrics. Having odd numbers of the plain blocks I tried to arrange a random "pattern" as it is a scrap quilt! The addition of a border of the plain blue [that was meant to back the first quilt] finished this cheerful top at just over 60" square- it will not be a QOV unfortunately, it's just a tad small- guess I should have made the borders a few inches larger. Anyway it's a nice size for a child or young person who won't mind that it's quite scrappy and a bit disorganized! We will see where it finds a home, but first it has to wait it's turn on my LA machine! And I am pleased to have very little of these fabrics left, just a few small bits except for the blue which may end up combined with a few other blues from my stash for the backing.


Jody said...

Way to go! Very creative (and I like this one better than the kit!)

Helen in the UK said...

I really like that the squares are random - adds great movement :)