Monday, May 16, 2011

Up, Up And Away

Friday, it was off and away to visit Australia for my Dad's 100th. birthday, 18th. May.
GS Daniel was along for his first trip outside the USA and was fairly impressed with Qantas new 380 Airbus that leaves the 747 in the dust!
After nearly 15 hours in the air the sun was coming up as we approached landing in Sydney and Daniel gets his first view of the Australian coastline.
I began to take pics of the screen in front of me from the tail cam video mounted in the rear of the plane- very entertaining!
We are feeling a little bit angst at this point, the aircraft doesn't look lined-up really well with the runway and beyond that is shark infested Botany Bay!
Whew, touchdown!
This is a huge plane, we are at the gate and the vehicles around us look like miniatures!

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Pat said...

Enjoy your trip and Happy Birthday to your dad!