Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Mac Is Back..........

PTL, the extra power cord for my Macbook came to day, thank heavens for eBay! I really appreciate the ease of the Mac compared to PC now that I am back on it! I have used it very sparingly since we arrived on Saturday, knowing that the battery would not last forever but it was still at 44% today when I plugged it in.
It had been fairly mild here this week, only snowed one night but today was overcast, the guys said it snowed on them at Telluride, and this evening it began to snow up here at the house around dusk and it's still coming down softly about two inches plus so far. Button is a CO. bred dog so snow is her friend!This morning I made a pan of brownies and took Button for a long walk then settled down to work on the Brown Bag Challenge. Easily completed three more of the PP blocks, one more lacks the corners and as I have no fabric here to go with it, unless there is something else suitable in the stash in Phx. I may have to make my one legal purchase for this project.
Here are two different ideas for the far left row which is as yet unattached- you can see the green/pink print block without the corners.
Any comments, preferences? There is one block [hint, second row from the left] that my friend Gale thinks I should redo, she doesn't like the scrappiness of it. I think it's cute, it isn't obvious to me but she said it would bug her- and it does show how I was using every last little bit that I could of the challenge fabrics! Can you spot which block it is? I have no plans to change it, I am done with this top as soon as I can get the final block completed and the last row attached. I may scrap the binding too unless I come up with something more exciting! The longer I am a quilter the less I stress about things, there are no Quilt Police allowed in my life.
Bottom Line- it's my quilt!
This quick little D9P baby quilt went together fast yesterday at Huggy Bunch-both it and the BB quilt have to be completed next week, and I have two QOV's to quilt. That is my minimum goal.
We only stayed till one HB then Gale prevailed upon Pat and me to go to nearby Delta to check out a new shop she had heard about that is all about the "bling" and you know that we are all about the bling, so more on that on another post-can you stand the suspense?
You will not believe what Gale bought............OMGosh!


Lindah said...

The "scrappy" block simply adds another layer of interest. I love that block design, but I believe I will be satisfied with admiring yours. Executing that one would drive me bananas.

Your little CO snow dog is so cute.

Miri said...

Your Grab bag quilt is just gorgeous...charming! I love the soft colors. I totally more quilt police!

Love the snow pictures!