Monday, March 21, 2011

The Bling's The Thing!

Last Wednesday I was persuaded to leave Huggy Bunch early to go check out a newly discovered store in Delta, about 20 minutes from Montrose.
The store has a beauty shop in the back section and a clothing and accessories store in the front part.
Thus it is called "Beauty And The Bling"!
Really cute stuff, especially the accessories, and the purses, oh my! I could have bought half a dozen- but I didn't.
The purchases are all beautifully packaged like this..........
too cute!
We three ladies all tried on clothes, and I resisted purchasing anything but this.....
very adorable ring thing.
The rings I already had, LOL, they did not come with the shoe!
My friend Pat found some fabulous outfits, I wish I had thought to take pics, and Gale went hog wild buying purses to match some of her shoe collection!
Can you believe this abundance of girly fluff and bling? Maybe she would lend me some of it.....


Gramma 2 Many said...

For a minute, I thought you were showing a pair of shoes you had purchased!! Thought you were very brave to wear such high heels. Even when I was young and stupid I could not have worn anything that high no matter how cute. Looks like it would have been a fun shop to visit though.

Jody said...

Would love to take my credit card in this shop!!!