Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Black, White And Red Quilts

Today these two quilt tops grew to final size for two older Grandsons. They turned out almost square, around 88"x90-92", fine size for a twin or a full size bed.

This is Daniel's, he came up with the design idea he wanted for the central motif then I had to draw it. I considered using a compass to draw up the outer limit of the design but the compass wasn't big enough. This is my second attempt at the machine appliqued center, I was dissatisfied with the first. It is reminiscent of the Knight's Cross but I found out this evening from JW, our youngest son, that this emblem is used by the skateboard company "Independent". The design developed as the quilt grew in size, each step was a new revelation as I asked my self how I would expand to the next size up until I finally reached a suitable measurement for Daniel's bed. The backing for this consists of large pieced strips of leftover fabrics- I have been collecting these colors for a couple of years.
At the same time I was working on Logan's quilt, he had asked for his favorite team's logo, the Arizona Cardinals. I drew the cardinal head and machine appliqued the pieces. The original idea for the star theme came from a kit from Connecting Threads, but again every new step became a challenge to develop some sort of design around the logo in order to reach bed size. The pieced backing for this is made up of more of the leftover fabrics from these projects, I didn't want to buy more for backings as my goal is always to have as little as possible left from each quilt!
I have no idea how I will quilt these, probably it will come to me once I load them on the longarm! I know that they need to be sturdily quilted to stand up to the use of two teenagers!
While I was roaming around looking at the online Christmas quilt show I saw a really pretty black, white and yellow quilt, so that may be a use for some of the unused black and white fabrics.


Lyn said...

Especially for Daniel's quilt I would do Dawn Rameriz's Dwirling... Super easy to do and it gives the quilt awesome movement... My customers love it... Both BWR are great quilts, I have one coming up in the line-up real soon. Im looking forward to it, been a while since I've done a BWR.

Michelle said...

Wonderful quilts! I thought Logan was shooting for a knight in shining armor logo, then had to laugh when you revealed it was the emblem for a skateboard company. And that is one mean looking cardinal!

Lindah said...

How cool are those snail trail corner blocks!
Both quilts are very teen-ly/manly.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Gari said...

Such creativity. Isn't it fun when you are given an starting idea and then you get to grow a quilt from that? Your own personal round robin.