Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New England Visit

Such a treat to finally meet face to face with a long time online friend, Janet- Lee Santeusanio, award winning quilter and co- founder extraordinaire of the hugely successful Machine Quilter's Exposition. Her home and studio , Woodland Manor, are situated in the stunning surroundings of Hampton Falls, MA. and after a visit there we ate lunch at JL's favorite seafood place, delicious, of course I had to have a lobster!

From there DH and I drove on to Lake Winnepesaukee where we made a stop at Keepsake Quilting.

Bought a few little gifts for friends [can't show those!] and this fabric pack BJ asked me to get- it was the brightest I could find BJ! But to be honest my experience there was quite underwhelming, not at all what I had expected. It's a well set up store but no more so than others I have seen and the "help", well they mostly seemed to be doing their best to ignore me, not friendly IMHO. So, I wouldn't suggest a big trek out of your way to see it, no bargains to be had there.

We stayed the night in a delightful spot on the Lake......

watching this lovely sunset before feasting on a salmon dinner!

This morning we drove to Kennebunkport Maine, because DH said that for once he wanted to eat Maine lobster in Maine!

So we did!

I guess the Clam Shack is fairly famous, it's right on the bridge at Kennebunkport.

The dedicated cook in me found this autographed cook book for a souvenir. We wandered around the quaint town, it's definitely touristy!

From there we visited the Waldo Emerson Historic Inn and the tiny quilt shop situated in the Carriage House.........

where I purchased this blueberry fabric, had to have it you know, Maine is so famous for it's wild blueberries. They have a tiny selection of fabrics, mostly 30's I thought, and a few notions, but mostly completed quilt items for sale. I think they cater predominantly to the quilters on retreat at the Inn.

We turned south then to return to MA, making one more stop in ME on the way for Knight's Quilt Shop in Cape Neddick- that turned out to be my favorite of the trip.

Here I found some tools, Chaco markers and refills etc that I had not been able to find elsewhere, along with this handy needle keeper, a very strong magnet that is made from natural wood. I chose the Purple Heart one, I love the color of the wood.

This shop features a charity project sponsored by former First Lady Barbara Bush, quilts for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

I forgot to take a picture of the exterior of the shop but you can easily find it on the web here.

Oh, one more purchase, for our four legged little friend, all natural dog treats with cranberries! Can't go home without something for the Button dog!
And, I must not fail to mention the patience of my DH with my quilt store visits, very considerate of him to indulge my passion for quilt related stores!


Coloradolady said...

Oh, looks like you had a wonderful trip. I hope one day to get to that part of the country!! Love your blueberry fabric, so cute!! Have a great weekend!

Coloradolady said...

It's me again....I just saw you signed up on the brown bag quilt too!!! I have mine posted today. Mercy.....thought about trying to do the resurrection quilt but no sure it would work even with adding to what I have in my stash...I have another idea too....this is a REAL CHALLENGE!

Have you received your fabrics yet?? Too bad we were not swap partners...LOL

But I am getting to know my partner and we have so much in common it is really sorta weird!! That is the fun part!!! Oh, well....I have got to get to bed.....let me know if you got your fabrics yet!!!

Miri said...

What a fabulous trip! Thanks for the tips of places to visit...DS is in Boston so for our next trip I'll be prepared!