Friday, May 21, 2010

Finished For Friday, Donna's QOV

June at Quilts Of Valor maintains a list of longarmers who will quilt tops made by others for our wounded warriors. Most of the year I sign up to do two a month, sometimes I get more if I have time to fit them in. June pairs up quilters and toppers, this month I got lucky and my assigned partner is right here in town so we are saving about $20 on postage that we can better use for more supplies. Donna's friend dropped off the quilt top on Tuesday and I have it "Finished For Friday".
Litandlaundry is hostess for FFF and you can find on her blog a list of other productive and crafty bloggers.

This is Field and Furrows, one of many settings for the Log Cabin block, which came into prominence in the 19th. century after the Civil War and is thought to represent the log cabins built by the settlers heading west. This a scrappy version, Log Cabin quilts are perfect for scrap use, just divide your scraps into lights and darks and you can easily produce a very effective pattern.

I couldn't decide what to quilt on it so I resorted to the ever popular feathers meandered all over.

Muslin backing shows up the quilting very well, but most solids will work if you want to see detail of the quilting.

When quilting the feathers randomly it isn't necessary to keep the size consistent in fact I think it's more interesting to vary the size of the feathers.

I continue to experiment with lighting for quilt photography, the lighting is the big issue- do you strive for accuracy in color over clarity of quilting or the other way around? And I am sure you can do both with the right camera and lighting conditions-I am obviously not there yet, I need to find that tutorial!


Alisa said...

That is gorgeous! What a great artist you are!

Heather said...

I'd not considered that you could meander the feathers where you wanted regardless of pattern lines. Great choice.

Alycia said...


Miri said...

Beautiful quilting! I do love log cabins!
BTW, the Bloggers Quilt Festival started yesterday, are you going to participate?

Gari said...

I've been thinking about doing another log cabin: this might be a great way to practice my feathers (mine don't look anything like yours). ;-)

Bj said...

The quilt and the quilting are both very beautiful, this quilt is very vibrant and happy in person, I saw it hanging after Ros finished quilting it and it just took my breath away it was so beautiful.