Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finally, I Think It's Fixed!

After a couple of weeks of intermittent tensions problems, something very unusual for my A-1 machine, today I put in a new hook, re-timed, fiddled with the tension and after about three hours and some screw driver and flashlight- holding assistance from DH, I seem to have it running the way I like! Something interesting, one final adjustment was to take it out of "cruise" and put it in unregulated and it appears to be running better. Not at all sure why it made any difference but I can deal with that! I might also add that the techs at A-1 are wonderful, helpful, and so patient!

This little quilt is another of Andee's that I slipped in while waiting for machine parts and other larger quilts to arrive. It's a fused applique that had not been stitched down and Andee asked me to just "quilt it all over" because she was done with it and didn't want to do anything more.

I told her I couldn't allow her to abandon the quilt so after quilting everything else with green thread I used a monopoly "invisible" thread to stitch down the edges of the applique and then outline the shapes.
Something about these "invisible" threads, I would never use the nylon because it turns yellow and melts but the monopoly retains the clear look and does not melt.
I have an enormous cone of Madeira monopoly but it will not run in my machine it's too fragile even taking all the tension off it. However, Superior monopoly works beautifully and that is what I used.
I hope Andee is happy with it, I think it is a much nicer solution than quilting some other design all over the applique pieces and hoping they won't fall off.
Now I have the "queen size batik wedding shower gift quilt" on and I have quilted the first couple of blocks. It will take a few days to quilt, there are sixteen blocks, sashing, and four borders one of which is nearly 10" wide.
With any luck it will be done by week's end.


Cheryl Willis said...

way to go above and beyond for your client. I have done similar on my own projects when I tire of working on the top. cw

Andee said...

Ros, you are my quilting hero! Thank you so much...I am so glad to have this one off my UFO list! You saved the day because I put a ton of work into getting it as far as I did and every time I tried to applique it, I hated it! You rock, thank you!

farmlady said...

I guess I kind of knew this about you, but you are a perfectionist aren't you? Look at what you do and how well you do it. This takes someone who looks at fabric in a very special way. It's beyond just quilting.
I don't understand everything that is involved but I know that whatever you do it's always perfect.
Beautiful and perfect...

Threeundertwo said...

Boy do I know that feeling of being sick of a quilt! I'm going to try monopoly though, sounds worthwhile. One quilt teacher told me to put a line of machine oil down my spool of clear thread to help the tension. Just a little bit. I've never tried it. Monofilament gives me problems in general.