Friday, January 29, 2010

My birthday- I have never wanted a fuss for my birthday, I resist it vigorously - in fact I told DH " Do not ever try to surprise me with a birthday party - when I am 80 you can have a big blowout, not before then! Or else........." You know that he is very afraid!
So what did I do?
Walked the Button dog, we covered a longer distance today.
Found some cool baby toys at "Other Mothers" one of those stores where they recycle out-grown baby gear.
Now I have to clean and sanitize them.

I think this is called an "Excersaucer".

Bought groceries, went to Pet Depot for dog food, ran by the quilt shop-I only bought half a yard of fabric- then to Costco.
Main reason I had to go to Costco, I killed the paper shredder!

I was really mad, you know all those obnoxious fat envelopes of ads you get in the mail? I know you get them too. I truly hate them with a passion-I have at times written "Return To Sender" and put them back in the mail! I get so angry, this paper pollution is an irresponsible waste and an uninvited burden on my life ! I just lost it, one too many pieces of junk mail, I tried to stuff the entire envelope through the shredder without separating the huge mass of paper garbage. All the while DH was saying "Honey it won't go, it will break the shredder, Honey it's not gonna work you'll break the shredder" and I continued to try to make it work, shove it down, hit reverse, shove it down some more, reverse again until I finally forced it through !
He was right, the shredder died!
You know the sound when a motor dies, it's a very sad sound but I was so angry I really didn't care! I wanted a better shredder anyway, a crosscut shredder, something that can handle an entire envelope of extraneous information, CD's, credit cards, floppies[does anyone have these any more?] and ten sheets of paper at a time!
Vroom vroom, I got one! My new paper shredder can do all this and not hiccup-at least that's what the box says I have yet to test it out, I'll let you know.
The day ended more happily, sweet DIL and DS#1 invited the rest of the family to celebrate at their home so we all met up there, we had birthday cake and singing and I got birthday hugs all around including from the oh so handsome grandsons, all three. Maybe there'll be some pics tomorrow
And that's my birthday blog.


Lis said...

Happy Birthday Ros - your day sounds great :)
A tip for all that junk mail: there's often a prepaid envelope included and if there is I fill it with junk mail from another company and pop it in the post! These companies obviously like junk mail or they wouldn't send it to us so it's lovely for them to get some for themselves, and it makes a bit of cash for the Royal Mail too! Win win win.

Ruby said...

I am amused at Lis's tip. Quite an idea! Sorry the 'junk' makes you so mad. As a rural letter carrier it is part of my work life. As aggravating as it can be at times it helps pad the paycheck. :)

Ruby said...

Oh! I do hope it was a Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a good day. My dad's birthday was on the 28th. He would have been 87.

My husband DID surprise me with my first Featherweight one year. He tries with the party but I always find that out!!

Reddirt Woman said...

Happy Late Birthday Ros! I used the shredded paper out of my paper shredder as mulch. I would use it first and then top it off with wood mulch so it wouldn't blow from here to Canada and it worked very well. It breaks down and can be turned back into the soil because the printers all use vegetable based ink nowadays. But I have been known to do the same thing that Lis did a time or two. Hope you are staying warm. It's painfully cold for this old Okie right now.


GardenofDaisies said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! An evening with the family and all the grandchildren sounds just right for a birthday. Glad you got to spend your day the way you wanted to.

I really understand your frustration with junk mail. I need a new shredder too. Mine broke a couple of months ago.... I think maybe "Singles Connection" or "Mastercard" or the "replacement window company" should pay for my new machine.

I have:
1. returned to sender,
2. returned their junk in their own prepaid envelope,
3. called companies and asked to be removed from their mailing list,
4. put my phone number on the "do not call" list,
5. set my e-mail junk-alert higher.

It does not stop it all, but we get less.

Lindah said...

Happy Birthday, Ros!
Love your wine glass.
Sounds like a very nice birthday --I don't like parties, either.

Hey, easy on the poor shredder. Take out your frustrations via #2 of Garden of Daisies. Heh-heh. I look for every opportunity to use their little envelopes. Besides, it keeps the USPS going a little longer. Maybe they won't raise our rates so soon. ;-)

Gari said...

How funny. I could just picture you "stuffing" that poor shredder. But you and I have a completely different view of birthdays. I start celebrating at the first of the month and make everyone around me know it. I love my birthday and have for 67 years.

farmlady said...

You hide secrets very well. You did not tell me it was your birthday when we wrote our emails back and forth. Bad Girl!
I really want to wish you a very happy Birthday my friend. May you have many, many more...

Khris said...

Happy belated birthday...ohhh I didn't realise it was your birthday...I love that cup cute...and of course you should have your wine...hehehe...big hugs Khris

Adventures In Crafting & Stuff said...

Happy belated Birthday! I hope you enjoy your new shredder. I recently killed our shredder too. I just got my new one this past Monday at Staples. Sadly, we don't have a Costco nearby.