Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fabric Search

Wanting to use stash fabrics for the Monet's Wedding Ring quilt, I added this bright pink fabric for an accent. There wasn't much to begin with somethingaround a FQ, but it seemed as if it might be enough. It was enough for the body of the quilt but not really enough for the border, there are only a few little bits left.

Having searched high and low all over the internet going cross-eyed looking at hundreds and hundreds of fabrics without success, friend Loretta suggested putting a pic. on my blog, what a great idea!
So here it is a bit larger than life-size, a faux crocodile motif called "Designer Bag's Collection by Beverly Ann Stillwell of Lyndhurst Studios for Northcott".
I have posted it on and on a couple of the Yahoo groups.
If anyone sees this fabric please let me know! I don't need much I can do with a fourth of a yard but I would take more if available.

Having used selvedges in pot holders, I checked those I have left and fortunately found this one with a selvedge from the fabric so at least I have the name and manufacturer.
If I don't find more I will use up what I have and then substitute something close in color, it's a scrappy effect anyway, but I thought it was worth a try.
Oh, if you find the fabric I'll send you the pot holder!

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GardenofDaisies said...

That is a fun fabric! I hope someone recognizes it and can send you some. But if not, you could do the Amish thing and put a "purposeful mistake" in your quilt... you know...come up with a similar but different fabric. It would make the story of the quilt a few years from now more interesting ... "and here is where I ran out of that pink crocodile fabric and had to use a pink leopard print instead.." :-)