Wednesday, December 30, 2009

VTT Wedgwood Lady's Compact

Because I have committed to the NYE Mystery Quilt tomorrow, there has been frantic sewing on Bonnie's Carolina Christmas Mystery quilt in an attempt to get caught up.
Alas, I must now leave it incomplete and do the necessary prepping for the NYE quilt.

Consequently I have just one item to show for VTT, this Wedgwood Lady's compact.

It was given to me by my college friend MA when I was an attendant in her wedding party in 1969 - or was it 1970? I confess I am not certain as my DH would say "I have slept a few nights since then" LOL !
Isn't it beautiful and elegant?
I have pics somewhere of that event and if I were not so far behind I would go find them but I will try to do that for next week, just for fun!

The compact is in fine condition even though the finish is a little worn, because I have always kept it in it's original bag that is a bit more worn!

The original label is till intact..........

and you can tell it is used, has face powder in it.
I love this compact and treasure it so if MA ever reads my blog I would want her to know that after four decades this gift is still in use!
Now if you are blogging this last day of 2009, head on over to visit our VTT hostess , Colorado Lady's blog and see who else has time for blogging on NY Eve!

PS Keetha's and JoJo's aprons are on their way!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Jane said...

That is a beautiful compact. I bet your friend would be happy to know that you still treasure it 40 years later. Good luck with your quilts.

Coloradolady said...

Oh, this is a beautiful compact...I hope your friend sees that you are using this still after all this time....amazing the condition it is still in......I am sure your quilts are going to be amazing when you sure to show us a picture!! Happy VTT and a very Happy New Year!

CC said...

How beautiful your compact is. Your friend would be so happy to know you still have and treasure it. Happy VTT..have a safe and Happy New Year. I hope the coming year brings so much love and many good things.

CC said...

A p.s. Congratulations to Keetha and JoJo on their aprons ahd hot pads. I know they will love the aprons and I know for sure they will love the hot pads. They're just gorgeous.. You do such beautiful work.

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

very nice aprons and hot pads.. am sure the reciever gonna love them.. btw the compact is pretty.. never know wedgewood made a compact before.. thanks for sharing..

Happy New Year!

Diann said...

Wow, what a special gift fron your friend! It is beautiful!

Happy New Year!

Barbara Jean said...

Awesome compact.

Love the colors and pattern on your sidebar, and the aprons you sent off.


barbara jean

Postcardy said...

Your compact is a nice keepsake. The only kind I have ever had is the disposable kind. Sometime I want to make some "vintage" aprons.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow what a beautiful compact! Such a sweet and precious memory. Thanks for sharing. And wishing you a happy and blessed New Year!


Miri said...

A lovely compact and a wonderful remembrance!

Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year! Loved seeing the pix of the family gathered together on Christmas :)

LV said...

You have a real treasure with the compact. I have one too, but not as pretty as yours. Really enjoyed your blog and look forward to next years.

Manang Kim said...

This is what I like the vintage meme I see a lot of very pretty things. The compact with an original name is great. Thanks for sharing Happy New Year!

VTT~Old Yoke

Ruby said...

Have a Happy,Prosperous,Healthy New Year! Lovely compact. Wedgwood created some beautiful art. I hope to work on a necktie quilt tomorrow! Watching Powell and Loy on TCM tonight. MY kind of NYEve!! :)

marian said...

WOW Ros, that's a gorgeous compact..a treasure to behold!

Happy New Year..i look forward to lots more VTT fun in 2010 :) cheers, Marian x

Elizabeth said...

What a lovely and useful bridal gift! I love Wedgewood. I'm sure MA would be thrilled to know how special this is to you 40 (gulp) years later!

Kim said...

Happy New Year Ros!

Love your big family photo!
Good luck on the NYE mystery....I might make one later this month for a baby quilt.
but I did finish my Carolina Christmas yesterday.
Now on to finishing my two SITPs :0).

Have a blessed 2010, I have enjoyed our blog friendship , and look forward to many "visits" this year too.
Happy sewing

Teresa said...

I love your compact. It is so pretty and has such great memories. You really did keep it in good shape. Good luck with the quilting. happy new years