Wednesday, December 2, 2009

VTT Vintage Aprons

In case you didn't know, November is Apron Month! My local Bernina Connection store had a celebration of this auspicious event, inviting submissions of our favorite aprons and apron stories. Saturday Nov. 21st. they invited everyone to come for refreshments and to view the display. The oldest apron was from the late 1800's and there were funky, formal, children's and just plain old fashioned and everyday, aprons it was fun to see so many different expressions of this classic garment.
I offered the apron I designed and constructed in 1955 [7th.grade] for my Mum and told how I found it in her linen closet after she died, starched and ironed and worn threadbare and frayed. It really touches my heart that Mum treasured it for 50 yrs. and obviously wore it often. Those in attendance were invited to vote for the aprons in three categories and my frayed and worn old apron won the "All Round Favorite"!

Recently I found a selection of ten vintage aprons on eBay, no one bidding so I "rescued" them!
They are well worn sweet reminders of a bygone era. I have laundered and ironed them, they could probably use some spray starch but my can of that product has been unused for so long the spray seems to be clogged up!
There are six of this design, some more worn than others but I think this is my favorite design to wear it looks really cute on! They appear to be the most worn so perhaps it was also another woman's favorite style.

I think this one is called a "carpenter's" apron? Just one of those.

Here's another cover-up version for the messier housekeeper.......
and the back view.

This is a little frilly

and yet one more design.
So as I was ironing them the other day I was thinking "what am I to do with this surfeit of aprons?" I certainly don't need to keep them all.
Then I had a brilliant idea, why not give half of them away? And who better to receive them than my VTT blogging co-conspirators?!
So in the spirit of the season, in thankfulness for the Christ in Christmas, "the reason for the season", beginning this Friday and going through New Year's Day, I will draw a name each week from the VTT comments and offer that person one of my aprons. Now I fully understand that all things vintage are not everyone's cup of tea, so I will not be at all offended if you decline, just let me know, OK?
Now go enjoy all the other VTT offerings listed at Colorado lady's blog and have a happy VTT.


Ruby said...

Great post. What is it about aprons? I don't wear one but I love them! Your story of Mom's is special!!! :)

Jane said...

I would love to win one of those vintage aprons!! How sweet of you to offer in a giveaway.
Congrats on winning a prize for your "vintage" apron. It's wonderful that your mother kept it all those years, it was obviously very special to her.

Miri said...

Wonderful story about your Mom and the apron you made!

You really have some classic vintage aprons in that collection-and how very sweet of you to share!

Postcardy said...

I love your old aprons, both the style and the fabrics. It's hard to believe that nobody else bid on them.

CafebyJW said...

I like the frilly one.

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concretenprimroses said...

Pretty aprons and a fun post.

LV said...

What a wonderful collection of aprons you have. All my family used to wear them all the time. They seem to be real popular again. The one you made is very pretty and worthy of the award.

~~Carol~~ said...

Congrats on winning the all-around award! Your apron is so sweet. I still have mine that I made in school, but the story of how your Mom wore yours threadbare brought a tear to my eyes!
What a nice idea to share all of those beautiful aprons with the VTTers! Please, please enter me!
Happy VTT!

Maureen said...

Your Mum's apron is just beautiful.

CC said...

What a wonderful story of a mother and a much loved apron. Most of my favorite memories of my mother,grandmother and the other ladies..all had on their aprons. I can still see my mother,in the kitchen with her apron on..making donuts for a big bunch of kids.I love aprons, of every sort,every kind..I never met an apron I didn't love, and the soft well worn ones are the best. They are time worn with love... Can you tell I love aprons?? :). Happy VTT..have a most wonderful weekend.

Allison of Dominant Hands said...

I love aprons too. The one you made your Mom is lovely.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh wow, those are amazing! I've not wanted to collect them :) I collect tooo many things but they are tugging at me if you know what i mean! LOL

happy vtt!

Sandy said...

Great find on Ebay!!!! I was transported back to my Grandma's kitchen looking at these aprons.....thank you!

Elizabeth said...

Hi, Ros! The only Christmas things I have out are things I've made to sell in my etsy shop. And I haven't sent my cards, either. I love the full-cover aprons, that's what I need to use.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh my goodness, these aprons are so very lovely. What sweet heritage they carry. And to be entered in a giveaway for one of them is so generous of you. Happy VTT!


Virginia said...

You're generosity is too kind! What a sweet collection of aprons, I wish I happened upon more!

Happy VTT!

Click here for my Vintage Thingie!

Debbie said...

I love the story about the apron. You did a beautiful job on it. I found some old aprons that seem to be made from old feed sacks. I thought the fabric might be good for quilting. It seems very few people wear or collect aprons.

Coloradolady said...

Great post and great way will I decline one!!!

I have to say, I scolled down to the post before this one, and my...what a beautiful quilt, my mom would just love that......I have to ask, is this your personal pattern, and what is the difficult level.....I finally have almost all my quilts bound....all by machine....between your tutorial, an online tutorial and the lady at the quilt shop, I finally got it down....nearly took an army to get this accomplished.....hahahah.

My Grama's Soul said...

I love vintage aprons. I don't happen to have any - but they were so practical and functional, don't you think? Thanks for sharing them with us.



Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've ever commented on a blog! I sent an e-mail too. Yours is a very sweet story! You meant so much to your Mom! I have a little collection of aprons displayed. . . . and wear them too! I'd enjoy one of your give-a-way aprons! Thanks for sharing! They're so pretty and have such a history. That's what makes them so special! Beth

Khris said...

OMGosh aren't they so them all but I think the brown one on the end and the red one closest the other end are my favourties. Hugs Khris