Friday, August 14, 2009

Scrap Post-a little of this and a little of that!

Someone on one of my lists asked where were the pics of the baby-I haven't posted any for a couple of weeks I guess! We had him here on Monday-JW's first full day at Med. school- & I took a few new pics. He had his first shots that day but he was good as gold, no fever or fussing.

Gorgeous boy! So huggable & kissable!

I was forced to go to Quiltz this week, I needed binding for the Future's So Bright quilt & while there I tried very hard to resist but succumbed to an additional fabric purchase! They have a new line called "Harmonies" that I found irresistible- apparently I am not the only one because it's a brand new line & several of the bolts are almost gone.
The photo doesn't do it justice it's beautiful & I bought enough for a full length apron with the brown & pink spot for ruffle & trim. I am going to make one of the retro aprons from Cindy Taylor Oates "More Retro Aprons" book. I bought the fabric with my 25% off coupon.

I promised pics. of my new quilt hanging/storage system. it's out in the loft by my longarm machine.

You can see that I still have one empty rod & I have a few more quilts to hang but first I need to bind them, I only want to hang completed quilts here. I have 12 up so far & the system is working as well as I hoped, DH did a great job of carrying out my design!

The wall grid is a similar system to those used in many retail stores, strong & very efficient, takes up little space, I can still see them & if need be they are easily moved. I can also drape a sheet over the whole thing to protect the quilts from dust & fading.
I love getting organized- next I have to find a way to store my collection of LA books, DVD's & reference materials- not showing that, it's just too messy!


jojo said...

absolutely lovely boy..
love the fabric, it makes me wish I could sew it's so pretty. And the storage system is ingenious. It looks fantastic..I should send my MIL over here to check it out, she would love it since it doesn't take up a lot of space..

Reddirt Woman said...

Roslyn, I can just see your smile when you walk in your quilt room. It's looking so good and I bet it makes your life so much easier. I throw stomp around tantrums about every other week, grumbling "I spend more time looking for things than getting things done."

I'm working on it though... as I'm clearing out my bedroom to paint, I'll be very particular as to how I put things back.

Hugs and joy...

Dena said...

Your grandson is so precious. I just love babies. Very effective way of organizing and displaying your completed quilts. Are those spring rods or shower curtain rods?

Gramma 2 Many said...

What a sweet baby!! Hope school is going well for his daddy. I know it is probably a bit early to judge though.
I love the quilt system. If I had one it would be eternally empty. Also love the fabric. I can really see an apron from it. I have a couple of vintage aprons cut out that I have not sewn yet.

Kim said...

I just want to hold and cuddle that beautiful baby. Have fun spoiling him!
He is just precious.

Happy Sewing

Anonymous said...