Friday, August 28, 2009

"Back In The Saddle" [so to speak!]

I have been absent from the blog scene a week, I was in CO. & busy with a house guest etc. I think that I did manage to infect her with the dreaded & incurable Quilt Pox- she fell for the NYB. PP. blocks & using some of my CW replica fabric scraps, made two & I sent her home with fabric for two more-LOL, will her husband ever allow her within my sphere of influence again!?
Aren't they pretty & didn't she do a great job & for a first attempt too?

I have completed another project.
I call this quilt "Provence" because it reminds me of that region of France. I got the top from Linda Rotz Miller prolific & talented quilter-I actually won it in a drawing! She has a plethora of tops to choose from all very reasonably priced.

I quilted it with a freehand Baptist Fan design that I like very much especially for busy quilts that won't really show the quilting. doesn't the red binding set it off perfectly? Thanks Linda I love this quilt & it may be difficult to part with whenever it finds a new home!
I notice that there are a few threads on the back, it's hard to catch them all. Quilters always have threads hanging around it seems!

The solid backing in a soft yellow shows off the design nicely & compliments the colors of the top.

Here is the Rainforrest quilt, finally bound! It's small so it would make a good table topper or maybe a wall hanging.
I managed to cut out the fabric & piece a baby girl D9P last week while visiting with my friend- it's a really sweet quilt so I will get it on my LA tomorrow because the baby is due any day now I think. I sort of blew off today, recovering from the 9 hour road trip from CO. to AZ yesterday & the shock to my system of the transition from 55 degrees to 113! Yikes it is hot here!


SandyQuilts said...

Love the Rainforest quilt. Is that a stack'n'slash pattern?

The "Provence" quilt is a beauty.

Oh and congrats in creating a new quilter.

GARI said...

I laughed at your comment about threads. This morning I put on a clean top, looked down and there was a thread on it. I hadn't even left the closet and already I had a thread on me. And that is the story of my life!! Life is good!

Cheryl Willis said...

love the fan work, I am getting ready to do a scallop on a scrap quilt and wonder if I can mimic the fan look. cw

Kim said...

UGH can you do anything in that heat!
give that beautiful grandbaby a big hug and send us a new picture :0) of him!
My little Lily has started walking Ros!

Happy Sewing, you've been very busy!

Miri said...

I was away from blogging for almost all of is good to be back! Love the quilt top you won and the fan quilting is wonderful!
You've a very good teacher-your friend's blocks are great!