Thursday, June 11, 2009


Here it is Thursday again what the heck happened to my week?! Already! Go check out Colorado Lady's blog because she has all the best blogs listed for VTT.

The vintage things I'm showing this week are not at all related, but just randomly chosen.

I love this old Christmas postcard from 1911, a sister writing to her siblings whom she sorely missed. I can't remember where I found this one........
and as charming as I find the front I really like it mostly because of the message on the back.

Now you all know what this is, use one weekly I am sure-not! Not for me either, sock memding, I used to though can you believe it? I darned my own socks in HS & my kids socks many a long year ago. This darner is older than that, it belonged to my friend's grandmother & it's a bit fancy, has different woods joined to make a pattern. You can see several designs of darners on eBay for $5-10.

This pill box belonged to the same person, I do not remember having pills dispensed in containers like this, do you?

Perhaps it was unique to this pharmacy.

Last is this old wooden coat hanger, a souvenir from our time living in Germany in the'70's. It was another of those items I picked up while "junking", & have no idea why I like it, but I have kept it for nearly 40 yrs so I must be attached to it,lol. It has a trade name on it, Schorpp, the name of the cleaner I guess.
Well that is my odd collection of vintage memorabilia for today, odd, very odd you say!
Why do we save what we do? Why do these strange bits & pieces of the past have such a fascination?
I saw the strangest chair at the thrift store last week & took a pic of it along with another oldie but goodie piece of audio memorabilia but only had the phone to take the pics & haven't yet discovered the means of downloading phone pics to my laptop. Perhaps by next week so I can show these two items to you.
I did get back to my quilting today, working on "Future's So Bright", maybe tomorrow it will be ready for a pic, right now it looks like this!


Keetha Broyles said...

I can't even begin to figure out how one "darns" the heels of socks. I've READ about it in books, but have never even seen it done, much less tried it!

Virginia said...

Great assortment of things! Happy VTT!

Coloradolady said...

Lovely items today! I love the little pill box, and no I have never seen one like it that I can remember. I had to make the picture larger so I could read the back of the postcard! I love the handwriting found on vintage letters and postcards...they seem to tell a story in themselves!!

Your quilt looks lovely.....such talent.....Have a great VTT!!

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Your blog is great! Thanks for coming by so I could find you!I used to darn socks. You have me wonderind now why I quit and started using them for rags?

Postcardy said...

I think I am inspired to look for interesting hangers. That seems like a very practical collectible--display them or use them in the closet.

Dena said...

I just love large floral prints. It's interesting how their effect changes after they are pieced into blocks vs the whole cloth.

BTW, if you had not said what the darning tool was, I wouldn't have known. From the picture, it almost looks like a childs toy. Like an old wooden spinning toy. LOL!

the wild raspberry said...

that old letter is so sweet....a little piece of personal history right there in your hands.
how cool.

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Love your collection of vintage...... but that quilt..... I so admire quilters what magnificent work....... gorgeous..

LV said...

I enjoyed all your vintage items today, but quilts are one of many weaknesses. What is so neat, is your doing it yourself. I never ventured out to that extent, but admire you for doing it.

Protector of Vintage said...

Loved viewing all of your neat treasures today. I especially enjoyed the postcard. Have a nice day!

Bea said...

Great collection/selection of items today, Ros. Your quilt is beautiful. Can't wait to see it completed.

Anonymous said...

Roslyn, Roslyn, Roslyn.
Such quirky fun things. I don't understand why people don't darn socks today. I may be eccentric but I still darn socks and sew ripped underwear.
It's not that I HAVE to, it's that I see no reason NOT to.
I'm like you, I love the writing on the postcard. She sounds as though she missed her family..

Ruby said...

You certainly covered a multitude in this post. There is something neat about printing even on a wooden hanger. The pill box reminds me of Grandma and Grandpa, although I can not truthfully say they ever had one like it. My darning eggs are actually egg shaped. Yours is very pretty with the 2 different woods. I have not darned socks or anything else. (Well I did try to weave a wool jacket back together once) As for the postcard, who is 'the other one' and is it blood family or Christian family she is writing to. Her style is quaint. I'm getting long winded here! LOL

marian said...

i loved old postcards & tins..yours are lovely :)