Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday in the mountains

It's amazing how fast the day goes by up here in our rather remote mountain place. With GS#2 here there is a little more going on, though he spends most of his time with his buddies. Tonight they are camping over at a friend's place, no home there yet just the big camper the family brings in every summer. I dived headfirst[ literally] into the big closet under the stairs to find DH's sleeping bag for the camp-out & off L went on the back of friend's quad bike.

I remembered to take the camera along on the evening walk with Button to capture a few pics of the wildflowers. On the way I stopped & picked up Tiki, our neighbor's Aussie terrier, same breed as Button, different blood lines. Button came from a breeder in Boulder,CO. & Tiki from Phx. AZ. Button is blue/tan, Tiki a red, & she out weighs Button by about 8 lbs, I think it's 14 to 22! However they are great pals, it's almost as if they recognize their commonality of breed because they play together, wrestling & play fighting over toys it's a hoot to watch. Tiki has the weight advantage, Button the speed. This breed was developed from Yorkshire, Cairn, Norfolk & one or two other terrier breeds so they have a background as ratters. These two are no exception, they would like to rid the planet of rodents & here you see them trying to get to a couple of "chippies" under the rock.
The lupins are past their best, already going to seed. They make a beautiful show during their short life span, colors from pale blue to blue/ purple & pink.

I don't know the names of these last two white flowers, though the second one reminds me of Queen Anne's lace. I haven't bothered to look them up in my Wild Flowers Of The World book.

They make a lovely show so I had to take photos.

The poppies are glorious, huge red/orange & pink blooms so showy. I guess it's as well the deer do not care for them or we would have some wacked out wildlife!

The weather has been delightful, just enough rain, warm days & cool nights in the 50's.
Yesterday we went down to the River festival of course I didn't have the camera, but the kids all enjoyed the face painting & the river races. The first race was the homemade boats, one had a pirate flag but the kid's favorite was made from styrofoam with a porcelain toilet seat on it. This raft did not make it through the rapids, lol, but pilot & all ended up in the Uncompaghre River!

I think the mountain air is taking it's toll of the Button dog, she is sleeping soundly beside me- earlier I caught her checking email but you won't get a reply, she hasn't learned to type!


Coloradolady said...

Beautiful pictures...and what cute little pups. There is nothing like the mountains on a summer day. Have a wonderful week.

Reddirt Woman said...

What a cute "pocket puppy" is your Buttons and her friend Tiki. You just want to snuggle them up.

I'm envious of your weather. We had a bit of a break yesterday with it only going to 92 deg. because a 'cool front' came through. I think we got about 27 rain drops, but other parts of the state got a little more.

My oldest brother and his wife had a cabin close to Angel Fire many, many years ago and it was wonderful to visit. You could be outside all day and I often was, being with my nieces and nephews.

Lupines are gorgeous, even past their prime.

Thanks for sharing.


farmlady said...

You must be in Colorado. It's just beautiful. The lupine is lovely. Ours is gone. The heat just dries everything out here.
I think the first white flower is White Campion. It's native to Colorado. The second white flower looks like Water Hemlock not Wild Carrot (Queen Anne's Lace). They are very similar and from the same family, but one kind of Hemlock is very poisonous. Be careful.

What a smart dog! Checking her e-mail. You must teach her to type. No telling what she could do with all that talent.

Ruby said...

Thanks for sharing a little about your dog breed. Buttons is so cute. Great to learn more about her and her friend. The flowers are lovely. I'm doing that blue RR for CQNewbies. The lupines are a inspiration for some silk ribbon embroidery.

Miri said...

Sounds like the perfect vacation!