Friday, December 19, 2008

Aprons, Christmas cookies and a gingerbread house

Today was the annual cookie baking with GS's Daniel & Logan. Here we are all appropriately garbed with aprons. We have done this since Daniel[now nearly 14] was about 3 years old. I was commenting to him today that I wondered how much longer I might have with him in this activity, maybe another year & he answered "are you kidding Grandmother, it's cookies!", from which I deduce that I might have a few more years or at least a couple! Logan, almost 12, will probably have a few years beyond that for Grandmother & cookie making & of course next year we will have a little baby Matthew to introduce to this tradition.
Since my last post I am delighted to announce the birth of another great niece, Ocea Bayley for whom I made the cute farm quilt which arrived in Australia just before Osha's debut! Her Mum Tamara, phoned the other night so I have all the details & I anxiously await the first photos.

The blue apron I am wearing in the picture was my first Home Ec. project in 7th. grade, I had made it for my Mum & I found it in her linen cupboard after she died in 2001. She had worn it till it is frayed, but had carefully washed, starched & ironed it after each wearing for almost 50 years! The apron is now 53 years old, the binding & the embroidery are frayed but I treasure it just because my dear Mum did.

Looks a little chaotic here doesn't it, but we manage! We have several projects going at once & not a lot of counter space in this smallish kitchen, the famous "stained glass" cookies, the gingerbread house & some pretzel/caramel kiss things someone on my LA group raved about.
For today these boys are well & truly in sugar overload I'm sure with all the dough & frosting & candies they consumed,& in spite of a healthy lunch of toasted cheese & turkey sandwiches & milk!

Here is the final result, kitchen all cleaned up & done for one more successful year. These are the kinds of memories our children & grandchildren will reflect upon when we are long gone & these memories will endure beyond the gifts under the tree.

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