Monday, July 28, 2008

Stash Mystery Burger Queen

Today I finished up the 6" blocks for this mystery I had done the 9" & 12" yesterday. so I'm almost caught up, only need 22 x 3" blocks now. I'm doing the Calico Puzzle block, it's cute & very easy & I wanted something a little more interesting than a 9 patch but nothing that would drive me insane in something as small as a 3" block! The fabrics I chose are RW&B, it's turning out to be mostly red & blue, but I want to use it for a QOV so that will work fine because it's going to be rather masculine looking.
DH is working hard at painting the exterior of our CO. home-it will be all one color this time, no trim color because his plan is to add some trim with that corrugated metal & some stonework & a separate trim color would get too busy. We have had rain every day, usually later in the afternoon & today we only just got back from our walk with the dog before it began to rain again. So it stopped for a bit & just now we have had another storm roll through- this is by far the wettest summer since we have had the house in the mountains. Yesterday I took a short movie of the humming birds as they buzzed madly around one of the feeders. When it rains they go into a feeding frenzy, wish I knew why! I will try to figure out how to post a video but it might take me a while,LOL! I still struggle with the blog format so you know I'm not too slick with this stuff. I want to take a class at our local CC in the Fall if they have web design or some related topic. Maybe then I can manage both the HOB & Matthew's websites all by myself.

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Anonymous said...

Where would I find the Stash Mystery Quilt pattern for Burger Queen? Please help, I really like that pattern and can't find it anywhere.
Thank you, Mary Jones, Quesnel, B.C. I don't know what these identity's? are... my email is