Saturday, July 12, 2008

Memory Quilt, Twin's Birthday

Here are pics. of Lucas' memory quilt that I made for his birthday. I got it finished, I was still sewing on the label when he came by yesterday. I am relieved to have it done, now I can focus on long-arming the stack of tops waiting in line. I have a Storm At Sea on now & I plan to do an ocean panto. Panto's are not my favorite way, I prefer freehand, but this is one I haven't used yet & it looks interesting, dolphins & whales etc. Then I have a stack of QOV's apart from several of my own that always go the end of the line.
As I was checking out some blogs I saw that Lyn at Bluebird Quilts is having a Christmas in July give away, so you may want to check it out !
One of the young women in the quilt class I have been teaching at our church seems to have caught the notorious "quilting Pox"! She is off & running, teaching herself new skills & now has begun a KS quilt . I am very impressed & pleased to have passed along the love of quilting to the next generation. Now she needs to accumulate a stash!

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Carol said...

What a wonderful memory quilt! I am sure it will bring joy and comfort to all who look at it.