Sunday, November 15, 2015

BJ's Grand Illusion

 BJ chose not to make this scrappy but to use some beautiful fabrics that had been aging in her stash!
I love it, the corners of the block actually look like rosebuds but it looks very different to the original Bonnie colors and the planned scrappy version.
 I wanted to quilt a rose sort of motif but BJ does not like close quilting so I came up with this version of a freehand flower and leaf which she approved!
The backing looks like a solid from a distance.
 BJ now has time to get it bound to show off at the next Quiltville mystery quilt kick-off November 28th.  The Boy found a way to wrap himself up in it when BJ came to collect the quilt, he loves quilts just as well his Grandnanna is a quilter!
I finished up the last of the three Christmas gifts I cannot show yet and also this gift that I can show! I tried unsuccessfully to upload a video of the lights flashing, I often seem to have issues getting videos to post on the blog.

PS. I need to make the label!


Bj said...

Thank You So Much Roslyn, Beautiful Job, I love the Flowers and it Love the Red Thread!!!! :) I can hardly wait to get it bound :) Love the Wall Hanging Too, the picture really doesn't do justice to all the thread work you did

Anonymous said...

Great job on the quilt and the wall hanging. Are these specific panels made for the LEDlights?
You are a busy, busy beaver. Easy on the shoulder. Dotti

Roslyn said...

The red thread turned out more subtle than I expected I was a little concerned it might be too busy and overwhelm the fabrics but using a finer (50wt) thread helped. I really like the non scrappy look so I think I will follow your lead BJ with BH mysteries and use regular yardage in future. And you were able to use those gorgeous fabrics an added bonus!
There is a lot of thread work on the panel in fact several hours worth and yes these panels each came with the sets of LED lights . I hope our patriotic nephew will enjoy it!

Sherrie said...

Hi Roslyn,
Awesome quilts, love them both.
Have a great day!

Heather said...

BJ's quilt is lovely. I really like your choice of quilting design. gives the impression of flowers quite well.

I do love that wall hanging particularly with the lights. well done.

Thanks for linking up with Needlework tuesday.