Friday, May 8, 2015

Revamping My Design wall!

After visiting my TX friend and her wonderful, larger than mine sewing studio, I came home inspired to make a few changes. My design wall had been a sheet of 4x8ft. foam board propped against the wall in an unstable state, liable to move around and often overbalanced and "interacting" with the ceiling fan, not at all satisfactory! On occasion it would topple over and hit me on the head, no pain but great aggravation, why ever did I wait so long to change it?!
First I trimmed about a foot off the length so it would clear the outlet then had DH screw it to the wall with large washers to prevent the screws stripping out of the foamboard.
While we were at it I flipped the batting to the clean side and secured it all around with T pins-result? my old, revamped, newly efficient design wall!
Lined up there upon the wall are some of the extra triangles from the baby quilt, I saw a design on the 'net using a row of triangle hexies on a solid background and thought it would be a good way to use them up but there are still quite a few left- maybe for the border?
I also had DH make another improvement for me, my ruler storage board was on the work table taking up valuable space. I had admired my friend's ruler storage up on the wall, so DH attached some simple brackets to my board and now it is in a very handy place on the wall clear of my working surface. I might paint the brackets to match the wall if I still have any of the paint.

I think I am procrastinating the quilting on the baby quilt while I make a decision on design!

Post Scriptum
As you can see I am also experimenting with font changes, I looked around and this is the closest to  my own handwriting-but neater!  Let me know if you think it's harder to read than a regular printer font.


Anonymous said...

I took a PVC pipe and hung it on pegged dowels. I turned over the top edge of the batting/flannel to make a pocket and slipped the pipe through. It gave me the width of the batting for the design wall.

I think your hexie remainders would look great on a solid backing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to add....Dotti

Angie said...

The font looks lovely but it is definitely more tricky to read. I love you quilt in the header picture!

Roslyn said...

Thanks for the input Angie, I will check out a few more fonts.
The quilt in the header pic is my Stash New York Beauty, begun years ago with a group of then new friends in Colorado. It was a couple of years in the making, then some procrastination of the border creation and assembly then more procrastination before the actual quilting. It has won a few ribbons and is my favorite ever quilt I have made!