Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Quilting Lessons At The Beach

This summer great niece is learning to sew, she is making a little lap quilt that she says is for her Grandma who has ALS. I am hoping we will get it done this week at the beach, rain is predicted tomorrow so she will need an indoor activity. Her GM will be here for the day Thursday so it would be lovely if we had it finished by then.
This morning we got the top pieced
the young lady says she loves sewing
and I am hoping we are seeing another generation hooked on quilting, I am paying it forward.
 Then we added the borders. 
We have to piece the backing, I miscalculated when we bought the backing fabric. Tomorrow we can sandwich the quilt and SID it, we have the batting already. I am not certain that there is enough for binding now, tomorrow we may have to pick up some more or something different. 
The beautiful beach is right at the front door, it's a very well kept secret, as you can see hardly anyone on it, even on the weekends it is never crowded. What a treat to sew by the sea!
Time for an adult beverage on the porch!

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