Friday, March 14, 2014

Playing With Jacks

Here are half of the Jacks blocks completed to date,
not yet square in this pic. I have 70+ of these 6" [finished] blocks for this quilt and thinking I might call it at that, I am a little bored with all of this repetition! I will see how it looks when I get the 10x7 blocks together, possibly I may make a few more to take it to 11x7 or even 11x8.
I plan on two borders, one at two inches the other at four or five, which would make the quilt about  54-56"  x 72-74". Do you think that's large enough for a bunk bed? Barely I guess!
Might have to break down and make a few more blocks.


Jody said...

Don't quit--I think it looks fabulous!!!

Roslyn said...

Thanks for the vote of encouragement Jody, I took it to heart and made enough more blocks for an 11x8 block quilt! Hope to get it pieced and borders on tomorrow.