Monday, March 10, 2014

NASA Star Blocks

Astronaut Karen Nyberg has faced down the challenge of sewing in weightlessness! She has made a quilt block and invited other quilters to make their own blocks to add to a quilt to be shown at the 40th. anniversary of the Houston International Quilt Festival where Karen will make a special appearance.
A group of Phoenix area quilters met yesterday to make blocks to be added to Karen's quilt……..

Here are the blocks our little group accomplished in the couple of hours yesterday afternoon. My block is Talking Turkey, top left and not quite finished, there was all the paper piecing for the red corner triangles that took me longer than just plain piecing.
However that block is now finished and ready to mail off, and I really like it. Someone had done math to convert the TT block to 9" finished and the squares that became the triangles were much larger than necessary so I had to cut a lot off the center before attaching the FG for the star points in order to make it fit Karen's requested size.
The next on my current to-do list is to complete the Underground RR mini, then back to the two Bonnie Hunter UFO's from the Tucson classes.

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Jen @ de Jong Dream House said...

I've been doing Google searches daily because I want to see all the blocks quilters are coming up with for this project. I'm really hoping we can get to Houston this fall for the quilt show, otherwise, I know my space-obsessed boy won't mind a trip to Johnson to see the finished quilt. (He helped me with my block: