Saturday, March 26, 2011

AZ Huggy Bunch And The Newest Family Addition

We are beginning our own Huggy Bunch quilting group. Four of us met today, next time in two weeks it will be five!
BJ left earlier than the others so I didn't get pics of her progress, she is working on two mysteries that have to be ready for Wednesday.
Here is one of the quilts S pieced and quilted by herself, this young lady just happens to be only 14 yrs. old and sewing for less than a year! I had posted a mini video showing her quilting flowers and leaves etc on her DSM a few months ago. Click on the pic to get a close-up of ehr quilting.
She really wants a Long Arm, hear that Dad?!
The design is what I call a "Greek Key" or "Square Spiral"
Below is her Hawaii quilt made from fabrics she collected on a visit to Maui last summer.This one still needs a border, we will work on that skill at our next meeting. Great job of matching your seams S!
Lauren continues to work on her Paper Piecing and made these three delightful blocks today that just need their corner pieces.I love the Civil War theme of these blocks.
My project was this sweet flannel baby quilt ..............
just need to join the rows and add the borders.
It is for my newest great niece in Australia........
now two weeks old baby Lila,isn't that a lovely name for this tiny tot?


Pat said...

WOW...your young lady there puts me to shame being able to quilt like that on a regular sewing machine. Lila is very cute!!!

Tatersmama said...

What gorgeous quilts! That young lady sure has a talent for quilting, and if she wants a long arm, she should have one! It certainly won't go to waste, now will it? ;)

Omigosh...Baby Lila is simply adorable! That second photo just plum melted my heart!!

Elaine Adair said...

I'm keeping this post as NEW so I can come back and drool over the baby photos.

Hey, 14? Good work from that little gal!