Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Whole Cloth Quilts

This is my first attempt at a whole cloth quilt. I needed a couple of smaller quilts for the Holiday Boutique this weekend and it seemed a great time to try the technique. I took a couple more pics without the flash to show the quilting .

The fabric is a bleached muslin, front and back, the threads are Superior's, So Fine in the top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.
I drew a rough outline guide of my plan with a water soluble pen, then freehanded the quilting with feathers, Mactavishing and folk art flowers.
It was easy to make two at the same time, loading a 70"x 40" piece of muslin, using Quilter's Dream blend batting and placing a length of polyester batting over it to give definition to the stitching. The QD batting helps the quilt to lay flat and gives it more stability than using only polyester.
I am quite pleased with the results so I will be making more wall hangings using these tools!


farmlady said...

How pretty. Do you have all these patterns of quilting on your machine? The design is really lovely.

Lindah said...

Indeed, you should be pleased with this! It is beautiful. The 2 layers are quite effective. And of course, your quilting is superb.

And no --to answer your question-- I have no plans as yet to do a blog. I haven't discarded the idea, but it is just not time yet. ;-)