Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shakespeare Quilt Progress

Today I stayed home from church-something with my lungs, I think it started Thursday when it was windy and I had Button at the park as usual, but there was dust and dead grass and I am sure pollen blowing around. When you have allergies and asthma windy weather can kick up a heap of trouble! Started me wheezing and coughing and it's still a problem, so it seemed wisest to stay home, people get really nervous these days if you cough and the wheezing makes people think I am dying, LOL!
It was a good opportunity to work on SITP quilt and I am pleased to say that it's ready to be pieced into a top, finally.
Here's one possible version, all the big stars are red and white, this appeals to me more I think.

But there is this one where the big red and white stars are alternating with black and white.
The background in the B&W stars is a lighter value and that makes them look even more different. Not sure about this...............
Whichever I choose leaves three big stars, now what to do with those left over-maybe incorporate them into the backing?


Ruby said...

It's going to be lovely whichever you choose. I like the red. Stars on the back would be great. Suppose to warm up this week. I surely hope so. How do people survive in the true cold. Teens at night for over a week in NC is NOT the norm by any stretch of the data!!!

Andee said...

Either way this quilt will be STUNNING! Wow!

jojo said...

Hi Ros,
good idea to stay home anyway, you could be more susceptible to catching something when you're not feeling well.
I actually like the second one better but no matter what you choose it will be gorgeous. I really like the pattern on this one!
take care...;p

Pat said...

That is a really great, eye-catching quilt! I hope you feel better soon. I don't have asthma but had to use an inhaler during a very bad respiratory infection recently and I didn't like it one bit.....but I surely didn't like the wheezing, either.

farmlady said...

I had to really look at those two photos for a few minutes to see the difference in them. I guess my eyes don't have quilt pattern diversity lenses in them..., or was that a test of some kind. LOL.
I do love the quilt pattern and the colors though.
Hope you're feeling OK. Take care of yourself.