Friday, January 8, 2010

Final Vintage Apron draw.

Last week, New Year was the final vintage apron drawing, # 17 came up, Teresa over at Garden Shoes Online.
It took a few days to confirm her addy and that she did indeed wish to receive an apron, and today this one went off in the mail along with one of my "renowned" pot-holders!

Here's a pic. of the apron for Teresa a really good choice don't you think for a gardening lady, the fabric has all sorts of plants on it and the pockets will be handy-I can picture her potting her plants wearing this apron!


Coloradolady said...

That is a great apron and pot cute! Congrats to the winner!!

Reddirt Woman said...

She is a lucky lady! I love the potholder too. All the bright colors of selvage.

I hope you are staying warm and cozy and getting a lot of quilting done.

Happy late New Year!


Cheryl Willis said...

My sister e-mailed me today and encluded a link to a site that was selling aprons. Her note to me said, don't you think you could figure out how to make one of these?
Made me laugh, I had made all my girls aprons for Christmas but not my sisters. Don't know if she is hinting or just being friendly.
Yours is lovely. I have a large pile of apron fabrics, just need to be in the mood to cut a few more out.- be good cw

farmlady said...

Hey, Teresa. Congratulations!! The apron is really nice. I love the coverage it gives, especially for gardening.
The potholder is very cute. Good way to use little leftovers? Right?