Saturday, June 13, 2009

Future's So bright

I was hoping to finish piecing this top for "Finished for Friday" but I missed the deadline by about 5 minutes last night! Now it's Saturday & here is a photo, the top has finished larger than I expected, 78 x 100.
It's very pretty I think, eye catching & very feminine. These were stash fabrics but I may have to purchase backing, it's too pretty to just use a make- do fabric for backing when I don't have anything that even faintly "goes with it"! It won't be quilted for a while, there are too many tops in the line ahead of it!

This morning early I took off to the Bernina Connection's Early Bird sale. I had gift cards & I bought all but one little half yd. piece at 75% off so absolutely no guilt, lol!
A few of these purchases I will share with others, some cowboy fabric and some other for my secret sister at the CO. guild.
Here are a few of the fabrics that found their way home with me......just a few of them......they followed me......fair dinkum!

A couple of nice Asians for my collection......

These flamingos were just too cute.......

and more flamingos, it would make really cute aprons don't you think but I need to find some black with a pink dot for the ruffles. I think I will take another photo, the flash washed out the color it looks boring when it's actually pink flamingos.

This one came with me just because it caught my eye & because I make patriotic quilts for QOV it would work into a patriotic colored quilt.

The above I will most likely give away, they are from a collection called "Rosie the Quilter" by Andover fabrics based of course on the idea of Rosie the Riveter. It comes in pink too, I already have that in my stash,

& it's staying with me because the past year I have suddenly become very attracted to pink, go figure why now at my age, aren't I supposed to be doing the "purple dress with the red hat that doesn't match" thing?!
Nah, can't do it, my family would freak if I dressed like that they might actually commit me they would be so horrified!
Once, a friend of youngest DS told me "You don't look like a quilter....."? How is a quilter supposed to look ?


Kucki68 said...

Ilove the bright future quilt. I am not a pink girl, but this one is indeed lovely. I am thinking about a different color scheme for myself...

Reddirt Woman said...

Oh, wow, Ros. Looks like you hit the jackpot on the fabrics. I love the flamingo fabrics. I love flamingos. I have a flamingo golfer made out of metal that is one piece of yard art and your fabric reminded me that I need to get it repainted and out in the yard.

I go through color phases in my garden in the annuals I purchase. One year it's reds, then maybe reds and oranges... pinks then pinks and purples. My friends can always tell what phase I'm in the first time I come home from the nursery.

This is going on long, but you are right. even sitting the weeding hurts like hell so I'll just have to adjust my thinking that grass in the garden is good. I'm going to try the recliner, too.


Dena said...

I like your quilt top and you're right, you should use the perfect print for the backing and not settle for less. And great find on the fabric. You can't pass up 75% off!

Yolanda said...

I love these quilts. They are so pretty. Thanks for sharing your lovely work with us.

GARI said...

My grandma was a quilter. She was the typical grandma: old looking, hair in a bun, and always smiling. I think that's what a quilter is supposed to look like. That's not me, either. LOL