Monday, December 8, 2008

Two more quilts longarmed!

The UFO is ready for binding, in fact I had begun to attach the binding but had to remove it from the DSM for another project. Hope to have that completed tomorrow. For the first time [that I know of] in my quilting life, after I had already begun to quilt this top I discovered some blocks I had rotated in my haste to construct it. I decided that the amount of time and effort required to correct the mistakes was not justified so the errors remain for posterity! Probably the recipient will not ever notice

Today I completed the McTavishing of Loretta's Starry Night wall hanging, have to get it in the mail tomorrow so she can get it bound and ready to hang and enjoy for the Christmas season. The Superior Halo metallic thread doesn't show up very well in the photo but it's very pretty and sews in nicely and once I got enough tension off the top I had no more thread breaks. I used a number 20 needle and a few drops of silicon on the spool.

I wasn't quite as pleased with some of the hiccups in the monopoly I used in the bobbin [also Superior brand] although I think with a bobbin genie or something similar it may have been ok, it's so fine and slick and stretchy that it backlashes occasionally. I found a few thread nests of the monopoly on the back, no indication of a problem on the front at all but boy oh boy winding that stuff on the bobbin is a real challenge using my free standing bobbin winder, probably the most frustrating part of the process and wouldn't you know that I ran out of bobbin thread with about 3 square inches left to quilt, Murphy's law, right, LOL? I need to check with the LA group to see if there is a trick to more easily winding monopoly on the bobbin.
Loretta still has to finish off the applique of the Wise men she just ran out of time.

Tonight I finally decorated the tree and the entry way, keeping it simple, it's just too much work taking it all down a task that I frankly postpone as long as I can.
I feel really bad for DH, his vehicle has been damaged twice in the past week- thieves smashed both front windows and stole some items while the vehicle was parked in our driveway one night and this evening in the few moments it took for DH to go into the supermarket a thief removed one of the tail light units and made off with it, probably a couple of hundred dollars to replace-obviously why it was stolen! This felon had to use a screw driver so one would assume he must have been waiting for the right model of vehicle. Another shopper saw the thief running off with the tail light but wasn't able to get a licence plate number. Andrew would say that what goes around comes around but it makes me quite angry.It's pretty sad when you can't even leave your auto in your own driveway, directly under the street lights or in the parking lot for a few minutes without risking the loss of property. I don't know why any of this should surprise me-my car was stolen a few years ago while I was in a store for about 20 minutes in the middle of a week is an every day occurrence here in AZ and thefts always multiply around the holiday season......"goodwill to all men", LOL!
The culture has deteriorated to the point where there is very little respect for the law or for other's property, and with the removal of all public displays of the Ten Commandments there is no longer any reminder of "do not steal" and "do not covet" let alone "do not Kill" or "honor your mother and father"or, heaven forbid "do not take the Lord's Name in vain"!

The lack of common civility in our culture is disturbing to me and sometimes I almost despair at "man's inhumanity to man".I think I'm very tired tonight and perhaps that may account for some of this introspection.


Amy said...

the quilting is beautiful,, I understand about the morals of people now days, God forbid a parent try to teach kids respect. that would be abusive to the child,,, (my FOOT).. and what does Jesus say? I am the vindicator?and vengeance be mine.. keep on smiling and pray for them to be blessed.I know it's hard.thanks for sharing

Dionne said...

The quilting is beautiful on your quilts.

Suze said...

Exquisite quilting.

Diane said...

youre so right, anything not nailed down is a target for thieves. Course if something of theirs was stolen..... theyd be bleating about it. Is true though "what goes around comes around" just a pity you cant be there to see them get their comeuppance when it happens. Beautiful work on those quilts...X

Glen and Khristina said...

You have every right to be frustrated with what has happened and it does make us all think about "man" in general and what he will do for his own greed. Thank goodness there are terrific people like you and I know how terrific you are Roslyn...big hugs Khris