Friday, October 16, 2020

More Baby Quilts

Linda from my MeetUp group gave me a lot of strips left from various projects and as of now I have made five I think of this size baby quilt. Of course I use the wonderful Quilters Dream Angel batting, non flammable and genetically modified fibre that has no chemicals or other toxic properties. In addition is is beautifully soft and drapeable. The thread is Superior King Tut "Shekels"variegated gold.
The backing and binding are pieces left over from a couple of my own projects
This is the second of this design, the other has a yellow background but it's already packed up ready for our move. I saw a photo of one, I don't remember where, and decided to make one like it. I sewed together all the strips of pinks and purples I could scavenge from stash, backed with fusible and then cut into strips and attached to the top. I did zig zag along the edges first before ironing to the background. I might have been able to get away without the zig zagging I didn't want them to fall apart with wear and washing.

Quilting the lines fairly close togethr but a bit random makes sure it will hold together well. I envision them as floor mats for baby's tummy time as they are a bit thicker and sturdier than an average baby quilt. I will look for the yellow version tomorrow to add to this post, I am sleep deprived from last night and fading fast!

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Andee Neff said...

Very pretty. Been missing your blogging now that we are far away! We should facetime and sew one day!