Friday, February 28, 2020

Three More Baby Quilts

All three are for the grandchildren of some friends at our church, two baby girls and a boy.
 The label is hard to read, the thread is too close a match darn it! The girls quilts are almost identical except for backing and binding. This is October's quilt [a very unusual name for a little girl I know.]
 And Avery's quilt
It has a cute pieced flannel backing
One of the fabrics looks almost orange but it is actually a nice soft salmon color, and I used a pale pink thread 
 The nursery rhyme quilt is for the boy.
 "The Cow Jumped Over The Moon" is a flannel collection from Connecting Threads, but it's a couple of years ago so there is none left anywhere I looked. Consequently I had to fill in with a striped yellow flannel that did nicely for the back also. A pale yellow thread blended in nicely. All three quilts of course have that lovely Quilter's Dream Angel batting that is genetically engineered to be non flammable, absolutely no chemicals and soft as can be.


Renee Yurovsky said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful work that you do. Your friends are just going to love them when you give it to them for their grandchildren. Have a great rest of your day.
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Miri said...

Lovely! Hope you're well

Elle said...

Popping by to say, I hope all is well with you and your family and blogging simply dropped off the priority list.