Monday, April 8, 2019

Four Sister's Quilts

Quite a break between blogs but I ended up back in the Mayo hospital when the infection from the appendix flared up necessitating another round of IV antibiotics for nearly a week. I think my insides have taken quite the beating and are still not very happy, LOL. Home again now however, still on oral antibiotics and hoping and praying this bacteria is now annihilated!
These four quilts now completed and on their way back to CA. They are each around 68x80" made using the same pattern but different colorways, so each one received its own individual quilting design and it was fun figuring that out as I went along.
The first looked a little oriental in color and some fabric prints so I used the Circle Lord Clamshells for the body of the quilt and a sort of fan looking design in the border.
 I  really like how the quilting shows on the backing.
The pastel version below seemed to need feathering so I did freehand E-E feathers in the body of the quilt and a simple piano key border.
 Just because I like to quilt piano key borders!
 The batik quilt belowhas freehand peacock feathers and a separate border
 The backing was busy and did not show the quilting so no pics of the backing!
 I loved how the quilting looked on the grey quilt which seemed more modern to me. Circle Lord circles in the body of the quilt and a Greek key design in the border.
 The back is pretty cool I think!
Next quilt up on the long arm is a Bonnie Hunter 2018 Mystery, "Good Fortune".

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Cactusneedle said...

Wow! They all look great! It's always interesting to see how different the same pattern looks in different colorways. Hope you are feeling better!