Sunday, June 4, 2017

35th.Ave BOM

Linking up with "Whatahootquilts" BOM Monday
Here is my progress to date five months worth. As stated previously I am not enamored of these colors but since I won't be keeping it someone else will no doubt love it!
Upper left is #5.
This afternoon I put together the components for two quick baby quilts that will go on the longarm as soon as Hunter Star comes off.  I have some PBR soft red flannel that will make a bright comfy backing for these babies.
I discovered today that I now need three baby boy quilts for church and I had only this one below already cut out.
Using some cute fabrics from a Shop Hop door prize a couple of years ago, plus a neutral and a free pattern called "Through The Looking Glass".
Oh and by the way, anyone know why I would no longer receive email notice of blog comments? I went into my settings and saw a ton of comments I did not know about. I searched all over trying to find a way to change a setting to receive email but nowhere could I see it. If you know please send me an email you can do that by clicking on my profile but I am pretty sure everyone knows that!


Lynette said...

Yeah, somebody will love that quilt :) - especially with your quilting on it! Love the baby quilts you're working on. The red flannel will be excellent for those. And the missing notifications about comments - that has plagued me for at least a year now. DRIVES ME NUTS! I can't find a way to fix it, and I can't find a definitive pattern for which ones it sends emails through for and which ones it fails to do so.

Heather said...

There are some projects I see through to the end even though I no longer feel the love for them. As Lynette said, some one will love it.

Andee said...

35th Ave. quilt is looking good. I will be gifting mine (and Kathy hers) too. We will be up north briefly Saturday to grab the next block..if you are around or can meet up there we can pick up my what I owe you and let me know if that works! Kathy could be talked into quick sushi meal...we have dog appt at 1 pm and have to be back up here by then.

Anonymous said...

So glad you are feeling better and able to quilt. Baby quilts are so sweet. Those are nice panels. Will check ou the free pattern. Dotti

Miri said...

Cute baby the alphabet panels-did you cut them and add your own sashing? I have a panel from about oh, 20 years ago and have never used it. I thought it would make a cute back-like a two sided quilt-but then I finally realized I'd have to design the front to fit the back.:)