Monday, May 29, 2017

En Provence

From Bonnie Hunter's #1 fan, Angela's En Provence is now quilted. I love the colors she chose a bit different from Bonnie's original and very soft. It's about 88 square, and when I asked Angela did she want swirly, flowery or circular quilting she said swirly or flowery-so I did both, a flower with a swirl! That's just one advantage of freehand quilting, you can make up a new design anytime you please.
An All Over or Edge to Edge design works best for most of these quilts with very small pieces, allowing the quilter to cover all these tiny bits to strengthen and secure the piecing for a long life of use.
 It's a very pretty quilt sort of summery, and like many scrappy quilts you have to get some distance from it to get the full effect of the design
 The medium green thread shows up a little better than a neutral would have but still not "in your face". I used Quilter's Dream 70/30 natural cotton batting.
The label personally autographed by the designer, Bonnie Hunter!
Congrats Angela another one for your list!

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Miri said...

Oh this is lovely quilting..really adding to the quilt.

yes, I'm back! Glad you're still blogging.