Tuesday, April 4, 2017


I can't believe it has been so long since my last post. I had an Aussie friend visit  and while she was here our little Aussie Terrier Button got into my friend's open suitcase and ate 310 gms. of candy while we were out for the evening requiring another rush to the local 24/7/365 vet hospital. About $2,500 a couple of days, lots of prayer and anguish later she was out of danger! Little minx, she now appears to be back to her usual bossy, charming self! PTL! We had other plans for those $$$$ but there is no counting the cost when it comes to our furry kids!
After that, my total knee joint replacement almost two weeks ago at Mayo was sort of a non event LOL! I am now at the point when I expect to survive, but still not sure how well this Smith and Nephew knee will work for me. My excellent Mayo surgeon assures me it will fit with my lifestyle, which is very active- we had to go with the ceramic version because of my metal sensitivity. After the first few days I became fairly independent just because that is my nature, in spite of the pain that has been a major factor due to my intolerance of opioids etc. Ibuprofen has been only a minor help, but the last few days I notice less severe pain, PTL! I am rather limited in activity yet and moving more slowly than normal, not allowed to drive either so long suffering DH has to take me to PT and to Mayo for labs every couple of days. Hopefully after the hundred plus staples [we are calling it "the zipper] are removed next Wednesday I will be allowed to drive and that will be a happy day!
Obviously as there's been minimal sewing/quilting, boredom has been my companion, but I plan to be back at the LA Thursday to get BJ's beautiful BOM quilted and out the door.
 This is 2017 35th.Ave.$10 BOM. The colors are disappointing but it will be a charity quilt and someone will love it! I can see I need to press my blocks with steam!
This shows my progress on the Hunter Star quilt, it will be Queen Size and I have until July to complete it. I am using the large Rapid Fire Hunter's Star Ruler.
 I was excited to use it rather than the more complex traditional method and eagerly signed up for the class offered at 35th.Ave Sew 'N vac. However, we discovered during the class that there appears to be a conflict in the measurements for the 10" block. The instructor had not made the 10" block previously so was unaware of the issue, she had only used the smaller size block and we were not able to understand how the listed cutting directions would come up with a full 10" block. Consequently I have to adjust the cutting sizes and try to keep very clear about what I am doing so it's a bit more tedious than expected and I have wasted about a yard of fabric so far, drat, just as well I ordered more than I thought I would need! However I am happy with the result you see above and hope to be back to it the end of the week after finishing BJ's quilt.

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