Monday, March 6, 2017

Another Wedding Quilt

The couple requested "blue" and this is the result. Since Logan is joining the Navy the blue can represent the ocean and I quilted Baptist fans because they sort of look like waves.........
 I am very unhappy both with my phone camera color depiction and the iPhoto adjustment limitations I have no hope of getting close to the true color, there are absolutely no pink tones in these fabrics. I may try using the actual camera I bought about three years back to see if it does a better job, can't do much worse!
The colors are quite bright blues and I like how it turned out but not the photos! After I had the top together I realized it was longer than necessary so I removed one row of blocks. That worked out well because the wide backing was not wide enough so I inserted the extra blocks into the middle of the backing, perfect!
Construction was a challenge because of the size of the quilt[KS] and the much smaller size of my design wall, so I put it together in three parts, center first then matching up left and right sides. Joining these parts was another challenge because the blocks are not square, more a parrallelogram.
A few photos may help to demonstrate. Two pieces make one block and I had to sew this zig zag together to join the two sides to the middle section.
 In these two pics you can see how it is pinned, I sewed the long edges together the length of the quilt then went back and sewed the short horizontal bits. It was a little tedious and needed to be very accurate.
This is how it looked once I got it all together, whew! Then I had to trim all off all the little triangular bits  down each side.
I am happy to say it is all done and now I can finish off the backlog before my total knee joint replacement in two weeks.


Lynette said...

oh, wow, Ros - That's a tricky technical characteristic to work with for sectional piecing. It looks so good - isn't it crazy how differently the camera sees colors than we do?

Tatersmama said...

I simply love this design, Ros! This one looks like a lot of work, but it turned out well, and you can definitely pat yourself on the back, over a job well done!