Thursday, January 26, 2017

I Hate This Thread Color!

After dithering around back and forth with Leslie whose quilt this is, I had the plan all ready and finally decided on gold thread-but no sooner had I quilted a couple of feet of the outer border than I realized- I hate the thread color! Yikes!
It just doesn't go, not the right shade of yellow, too brassy gold. Drat!
But this lovely lime green will do I think! 
It is actually even brighter in hue than it shows, and we had talked about using it but I didn't want to make it too seasonal/Christmassy. 
Therefore I will sleep on it and if I still despise it in the morning - and I am pretty sure that I will- I will frog it and start over with the green. It is not the same brand so I hope my tension stays adjusted, these shiny threads can be finicky!
I made a couple more selvedge pot holders to take for a little hostess gift this weekend, we can all use an extra one or two, everyone seems to love them and I will never run out of selvedges!
       Earlier this week I was over at 35th Avenue Sew 'N vac and cruised around their sale table while waiting for a sales person and it was not a good idea, at least for my wallet!
I spied this-an entire set of Kaffe Fassett fabrics half price, 16 yards in all it states.
 It took me a long time and quilting a few quilts with his fabrics before I grew to like them, in the beginning I thought they were too wild and I would go blind quilting them! The first quilt I custom quilted was a queen size to the floor, a big quilt king size really. All the blocks were different, stars I think, and no matter what thread I used I could not see where I had been! By the time I got to the last wide border I gave up and pulled out a pantograph, it was making me so crazy trying to see my quilting. I know that a black light can help so I need to get one just to have on hand for difficult fabrics.
Some of his fabrics I really love especially those polka dots in several different color-ways, yummy! I am not sure that this entire quilt is my style, not likely ever to make it, but a few blocks for a wall hanging would be fun and a very happy accent on the wall. There's just too much time consuming applique` there in the full size version but I am sure I can find some other wonderful things to make with them.
As I said it took me years to appreciate the riotous colors in Kaffe's designs, but now I love them, all that brightness and craziness makes me happy! Must be my advancing years, my Mum grew to love wild colors when she was older and I have a birthday Sunday so the years are catching up with me!
Oh yeah that's a great idea, this can be my birthday present to myself LOL!

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