Thursday, October 6, 2016

Quilt Retreat in Lakeside

A four day quilt retreat with five friends was a wonderful break last week We stayed at a beautiful retreat center the Arizona Creative Connection owned and run by the delightful Frances Howe, gourmet cook and outstanding hostess,
Frances  has provided every possible convenience for a woman's comfort including gourmet but healthy meals and snacks.
Brunch one of the days.
 I worked on this little baby quilt and since have added a pieced border of the 30's repros.
Another  set of blocks, a UFO I took along hoping for design ideas and Jennifer took up the challenge. These blocks I had put together completely wrong and decided they would do, not caring enough about them to undo all that sewing I was unable to find a coherent arrangement until Jennifer took pity on me! Now they only lack setting triangles.
It really wasn't all that hard Jennifer said!
 I began to rotary cut these flannels for a rag quilt for my SIL in Australia then discovered I did not have enough of the burgundy fabric so that project came to a halt. 
I had exhausted my stock on hand so went off and purchased this kit which I had briefly considered and was available in a quiltshop in Sholow for a reasonable price. 
Jen and Limbania also purchased the same so we three sat down on Saturday afternoon to begin construction
It turned out to be quite the challenge, a few booboos in the instructions and for two of us a less than perfect fourth inch foot on our machines. 
The pieces above cause some grumbling and unsewing but we eventually got the idea and from then it was smoother sailing! Notice I said smoother, not smooth!
 This looked a bit intimidating but with the skills learned from the first little bit I was able to put together this piece and then it's mirror image
 to make up the center piece below which is not sewn, only attached to the design board.
 This will be an ongoing project, as for the next few weeks we have my dear brother visiting from Australia.
The above beauty is another of Jennifer's projects.
 Anne's project a little zippered bag for her quilting tools.
One of a few that Susan brought along, it only lacks the final border.
Celeste and one of several projects she completed.The last two ladies were I think, the most productive, they came very well equipped for an extended sewing binge!
 Our spacious workroom, large individual work tables and this huge cutting area. There are design boards on every wall so we never ran short and a flat screen TV.
This was such a wonderful experience that we are planning two a year, the next in May and another the following October 2017.
Highly recommended, Arizona Creative Connection!

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