Saturday, October 24, 2015

Bloggers Quilt Festival 2015

Amy's Creative Side is hosting another opportunity to show our favorite quilts.
Mine for this year in large quilts would be that which I made for son and DIL's wedding in march.
It fits their CA.King bed all the way to the floor so it's a very large quilt!
This quilt went together in just two weeks from cutting to binding, working on it all day every day. The quilting alone took a full week, and it was finished one week before the wedding!
Yessenia had seen this quilt and decided that was the style she wanted, colors and fabrics were all chosen well ahead but design of the center was not. That final decision was made after she had found the block design on Pinterest, then I had to put out an SOS to quilting friends to identify it. BJ came to the rescue pretty fast, but I still had to resize the block to make it work for me.
 The wide backing was still not wide enough so I made extra blocks to insert in the middle making the quilt reversible.

 The actual backing color is somewhere between these two pics.
 It worked out nicely that I was able to embroider the label on the top of the center panel, I prefer to do this directly onto the backing making permanent provenance.
 As I had time to spare, LOL, I then made two throw pillows to decorate the bed, they turned out very cute I think.
And with still time to spare this cute apron to present to the bride with a note that said "Here are the apron strings"!
My favorite small/wall quilt was adapted from a design by Tina Curran.
I thought it would be lovely hanging over our bed, complimenting the gold colored walls. There are a couple of ladybugs, dragon flies and butterflies as well as a little frog on a lily pad bottom left. I really enjoy this quilt, however someone else also loved it and it has been sold to a gentleman/nursery owner in Virginia Beach so now I need to make another! The flowers are already prepped and it may be a good project to take with me to Boston this Christmas.


Heather said...

I always enjoy my visits here to view your quilts.

Quilting Babcia said...

Lovely quilts, good luck in the Festival voting!

A Nudge said...

Large and small - both delightful.

Jo Ho said...

both are great
good luck :)

MaƂgorzata said...

Your favorite... beautiful!

Hanna El Tairy said...

I like it very much too

CapitolaQuilter said...

What a great wedding gift(s). I love the way the back looks too and especially the personalized message, very sweet.