Thursday, April 23, 2015

Two Down, One To Go!

 This morning we made a run to the Bernina store to have my friend's big Bernina checked out- the one she quilts on-  and I indulged in a little retail therapy!
This cool tool and cup holder clips to the table like this.....
I need one, I am forever knocking my tools onto the floor, scissors, pencil, ruler etc not to mention my Coffee/water when I am sewing.
Then we saw these very handy little iPad/phone stands and I decided we needed to make them so we had to have the book. 
Twelve projects in here surely we can use more than one!
It would be good to find vinyl covered fabric for these or they will get dirty and impossible to clean. Tomorrow we will look for some when we go out to buy lamb shanks for dinner, yum yum!
While wandering around the terrific and very friendly Bernina store -"Sew much more than a sewing store"- I noticed copies of the Angela Walters book that I already have and so I had to buy one for my friend. Her quilting set up is a sit down version and this book is aimed at both longarmers and home quilting set ups so I am sure she will be able to reproduce the designs. Angela demonstrates  lots of great design combos that are easy to quilt out.
This was the progress I made today on the curves quilt made with the curves ruler from I didn't have enough WOW but Joann's had the lovely Kona cotton and I had a 50% off coupon, deal!
Tomorrow we begin on the Summer Flowers wall hanging that should be fun, something different change.

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