Sunday, November 30, 2014

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt Kick-Off 2014

Linking up with Bonnie Hunter
The beautiful cake from Angela and Kathy!
Yesterday twenty one Bonnie Hunter aficionadas met in Chandler to begin on the first clue.
The event was organized thanks to Angela and Kathy, and we each brought a dish to share so no one went hungry all day though at one point a couple of us had to walk to the library for a caffeine  break at the coffee shop.
These are BJ's bold "out of the box" choices……….
Below are her six fabrics.
I love them, very dramatic, I cannot wait to see the finished quilt and then I will have the honor of quilting it!
All my HST'S are sewn for the first clue but not yet trimmed-it doesn't seem to matter which HST method I use I end up having to square a sliver from some so I check them all, makes for a nicely square block/quilt. Two hundred of these HST's we will use for the broken dishes units and the other eighty set aside to use in another clue!
Just ten little broken dishes blocks are done but I have the remainder of the week to get them completed, they are very scrappy as you can see and it will get even scrappier!

We are the Celtic Solstice Divas!
 Six of us brought our quilts to show from last year's mystery, it was interesting to see how different they all looked in other color-ways. Kathy's quilt is enormous, king size I believe. Most of these are scrappy, typical BH quilts, mine even has Sponge Bob fabric for my youngest DGS- if you look closely at the right side border below you can see the character in person!
 This is the back of mine!
Tune in next weekend for Clue #2


Andee said...

It was SEW much fun Ros! Thanks again for making the labels, they were a hit! I love your fabrics and will steal your pics to add to the album on fb too!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Your kick off party looks like so much fun! Andee is awesome as Bonnie's #1 fan! Your units definitely look scrappy and beautiful!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Oh my what fun, 21 friends all sewing together. Love the header on your blog, I always say sewing is my sanity too.

JaneB said...

That party looks like a blast! Great picture of the Celtic Solstice divas!