Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Christmas tree Wall-Hanging

I am linking up with Heather for Needlework Tuesday
This quilt will have 20 tiny LED lights on the tree once it is finished and I am thinking of adding some bling to the border also. It was my weekend project, and it's ready for quilting, the embellishments are added after quilting lest they get caught up with the hopping foot. It is quite large, 44"x65"and I am not sure where in the house it will be displayed!
This past week was a very productive one for me, and today I am back at the longarm.


Heather said...

You did a lovely job . Is that the panel from Northcott? I would use some of that shimmering thread in the embroidery and yes, some bling would really set off those stars. Excellent.

Andee said...

Way to go Ros! This is a beauty!

Roslyn said...

Yep Northcott Stonehenge Starry night. Good idea on the quilting thread, Heather, I have gold, silver and an iridescent thread for the longarm.

Angie said...

It's beautiful Roslyn! I like what you did with the border. I'm sure you will find a good place to show it off. Good luck with the lights, I found them very inflexible, plus they were the only thing you see when they are turned on, at night especially, so placement could be important as you sort of follow the tree shape with the lights….I opted to remove the lights, and hot crystal the whole tree.